Heading Home, Lake King, Raymond Island


Victor and Old VicThe owner/operator of ‘Ride the Koalas’, Victor Trofimovs, has been holidaying on Raymond Island for the past 15 years. In December 2013 Victor and his wife Victoria decided to downsize and move to the island permanently from Melbourne.

Victor has spent his whole working life in the media and has worked extensively throughout Australia and overseas.

Although he still undertakes the occasional media project he wanted a new challenge.

Victor noticed that although many tourists visit Paynesville and then board the ferry to Raymond Island, once on the island they seem at a loss of where to go, what to do. Seeing this gap in the market prompted the establishment of Ride The Koalas.

Hiring a surrey bike from Ride The Koalas enables these many visitors to explore all that Raymond Island has to offer.

Header photograph courtesy of Andrew Bould