Sunset, McMillan Strait, Raymond Island


Lachlan Millard – Business Graphic Design

Small logo

Lachlan’s  cute designs offer unique branding for ‘Ride The Koalas’. His cartoon-based characters perfectly capture the spirit and fun that this new business, and Raymond Island has to offer. A Melbourne based illustrator, Lachlan grew up in the East Gippsland area, and is a frequent visitor of Raymond Island and its koala inhabitants. Lachlan enjoys drawing cartoon animals, including koalas and other Australian marsupials. His work can be found at


Andrew Bould – Photographer

Lake King, Raymond Island

Many of the photographs on the website are those of Andrew Bould, and they capture perfectly the beauty and environmental diversity of Raymond Island. Andrew can be contacted on 5156 6494



Elaine Cope – Website Creator

ICT Matters logo

Elaine Cope works as an ICT Consultant and dabbles in creating websites when asked by her friends.




Header photograph courtesy of Andrew Bould